Tuition & Fees
Application Fees/Prospectus Fee
Fee Chart Effective from 2019-20 Session
Payment Schedule
Payment Methods

I. Application Fees/Prospectus Fee:

  • An application form fee/prospectus fee of ₹ 300 for session 2019-20 must be paid upon collecting the application.


II. Download Fee Chart Effective from 2019-20 Session


Fee Chart Effective for old students from old Session

Fee Heads Nur, LKG, UKG, I-IV V-VII
Session Fee(One Time) Registration/Development/Annual Charge ₹ 300,₹ 500 Registration/Development/Annual Charge ₹ 600
Exam. Fee(Annual) As per list As per list
I-card, Diary, Fee Card As per list As per list
Total Fee: Admission Time
Tuition Fee(Monthly) For new & old students Tuitions fee will be same
Total Fee: Annually
Uniform (Paint-shirt for Boy), Skirt & shirt (Girls)
Tie, Belt & Sock
Books Extra charge of Note book
Grand Total :


Free Facilities : Computer Classes, Curriculum Activity, Medical Checkup etc.
Optional : Parents are purchasing uniform, books from any shop/market.
Transport charge will be based on distance.

  • School uniform and textbooks must be purchased from school. Prices for these items will be issued later.

IV. Payment Schedule

Fees are payable in two installments:

First Installment

  • The First installment tuition fees must be fully paid before the first day of school.
  • This installment includes 50% of the tuition fee, 50% of the bus transportation fee and all other fees mentioned in the above section.
  • The first installment is due upon enrollment. If the first installment is not received before the first day of school, the student will not be allowed to attend classes.

Second Installment

  • The Second tuition fees installment must be submitted along with the first installment by a post-dated check dated 14th July.
  • This installment includes the other 50% of the tuition fee and 50% of bus transportation fee.
  • The second tuition fees installment for 2019–2020 must be submitted before the first day of school by a post-dated check dated 14th July 2019.


  • Uniforms and books will be issued only after the first and second tuition fees installments are made.

    V. Payment Methods

    • Cash: In INDIAN rupee only
    • Check: In INDIAN rupee only; payable to NARAYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, ABHAYPURA, HATHRAS; drawn from a local bank in the Hathras, India.
    • Wire Transfer: In INDIAN rupee only; wired to:

                 Narayna Education Development Society
                 Bank Of Baroda
                 Jawahar Nagar Branch, Sadabad, Hathras, India
                 Account Number:3380 0200 0001 84
                 IFSC Code: BARB0SADABA