Process & Requirements
  1. Enrollment at NIS is open to children of all nationalities who meet the school entrance requirements. Please note that the age at enrollment (on September 1) for applicants to Kindergarten (KG1) is 3 years and 8 months, to Preparatory 4 years and 8 months, to Grade 1 5 years and 8 months, and so on until Grade 6.
  2. Only complete applications are processed. An application is considered complete when all the required documents are provided and the application fee is paid. The required documents are listed in the Application Checklist (please turn over).
  3. An application fee of ₹ 300 will be charged to process the application. This fee must be paid in cash.
  4. Applications must be completed in clear legible handwriting.
  5. All phone numbers, including mobile numbers, that are provided in the Student Application Form must be INDIAN numbers. If you do not have a INDIAN number, leave the respective fields blank and provide this information to the registrar’s office once a contact phone number is obtained.
  6. If the residence visa of the child’s sponsor is not yet issued, a letter from the employer must be submitted that certifies the employer’s sponsorship of the family. The residence visa and Emirates ID must be submitted to the registrar’s office before the first day of school.
  7. Only photocopies of supporting documents are accepted. Faxed, scanned or emailed versions of documents will not be accepted.
  8. Note that the school does not provide any photocopying services; photocopies of supporting documents must be generated elsewhere.
  9. To submit an application, you must schedule for an appointment with the registrar’s office.
  10. The school will contact you to schedule for an interview and a placement test. Applicants must bring to the placement test a form of identification (i.e., passport).
  11. The applicant’s grade placement will be determined based on the results of the placement test.
  12. A letter of acceptance will be emailed to the parents of the applicant.
  13. Successful applicants will be required to complete their files by submitting further documents listed in the Registration Checklist (please turn over) within 4 working days from the date the letter of acceptance was sent. Applicants who are accepted are only registered after these documents are submitted and a registration fee of ₹ 1000 must be paid in cash.
  14. If you wish to register your child in the school bus services, a copy of the letter of acceptance, registration receipt and Bus Transportation: Parental Consent must be submitted to the Bus Supervisor within 4 working days from the date the letter of acceptance was sent.
  15. School textbooks and uniforms will be issued only after all supporting documents are provided and the first tuition fees installment is paid.
  16. The tuition fees for the upcoming academic year 2015–2016 is subject to an increase. Any changes to the tuition fees will be posted on the school website